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Students will like New American Framework because:

  • They will enjoy the informal learning activities included in the Learning Platform
  • It takes a fresh new approach to conventional topics
  • It contains a real variety of accents with entertaining dialogues to help with real-life situations.
  • It encourages self-discovery and self-assessment.

Teachers will like New American Framework because:

  • It promotes learner autonomy with a wide range of supplementary materials
  • It offers comprehensive evaluation and testing resources both online and in print
  • It offers total flexibility to exploit or omit sections as time allows.
  • Students will be interested in the subject matter, thereby creating a positive learning environment.



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About New American Framework

New American Framework is the updated edition of the hugely successful Framework, a six-level general English course for both adult and young adult learners. It retains the key features and feel of the original course, but combines a refreshingly different approach to language learning with a reassuringly methodical structure. It has been developed in line with the objectives of the Common European Framework, and is independently benchmarked to the CEF levels.

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New American Framework Starter book
New American Framework Level 1
New American Framework Level 2
New American Framework Level 3
New American Framework Level 4
New American Framework Level 5
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